Thanks for coming to Pours in Stores!

Thanks for coming to Pours in Stores!

Thank you so much to everyone who showed up at Pours in Stores, our wine-tasting fundraising event on June 29. Many thanks to the organizers: Nancy Levine Paul, Cynthia Quinones Velez, Sara Garcia-Beech, Hilary Shure, and the many volunteers who came out to help set up. The event went very well, and we raised about $1,600 towards stopping this horrible disease.

During the event, a local woman walked up to Theresa with tears in her eyes. She told her that in 1968, her 11 year-old brother died from osteosarcoma and in the 50 years since his death, this was the very first event she had ever seen that mentioned osteosarcoma. 50 years later, the grief is still fresh, the suffering is still real. It is because of these kids that we do what we do, in memory of them, and to prevent any more tragedies.

#BecauseOfDaniel and so many more

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