Basket Trial Update: It’s a Go!!

Basket Trial Update: It’s a Go!!


Nov 15-16, there were about 20 osteosarcoma docs from around the US in DC for a 2 day meeting to hammer out the outline for a series of trials for osteosarcoma based on tumor genetics. After lots of talks, discussions, back and forth, and finally some rousing yelling, table pounding and lots and lots of alcohol, they reached an agreement.

They identified the following baskets for osteosarcoma genomics which will each be run as independent trials (easier paperwork):
1) MYC amplification
2) CDK4/6 amplification
3) PI3K pathway amplification
4) IGF1R amplification

The idea is to combine a targeted therapy with either another targeted therapy or chemotherapy.

The justification for the trial is preclinical data from Dr. Alejandro Sweet-Cordero at UCSF, and my research and data.

Miriam Wilhelm Cohen, an osteo mom, presented the results of a parent/patient survey which convinced the docs that the parents/patients want multi-agent trials (there had been a lot of hesitate going into the meeting about this). I presented my work on osteo genetics.

I cannot believe that we’ve gotten this far.

We are changing how osteosarcoma is understood. We are changing how it is approached. And we are now going to change how it is treated so that instead of most kids dying from this effing disease, one day most kids will survive it.

Theresa Beech
Because of Daniel, Inc.