CTOS Update

CTOS Update

From Theresa Beech:

I’m just back from CTOS, the Connective Tissue Oncology Society Annual Meeting. CTOS is the largest international sarcoma research conference with over 1000 sarcoma docs and researchers attending. I was there presenting two posters on osteosarcoma genomics.

The presentation on POWR, the Patient/Parent Osteosarcoma genome-Wide Registry, was extremely well received and closed out the sessions on Thursday and Friday evenings. I had many conversations with sarcoma docs and researchers from around the US and around the world (particularly Australia, Japan and South Korea). The correlations between genomics and outcome were widely commented on as being particularly novel, as well as the multi-variate regression analysis which identified seven distinct genetic sub-types of osteosarcoma.

Below are photos of the posters (be warned that I am a mediocre photographer at best).

I do this work because of Daniel. Because no child should suffer and die as he did. No child.

I have no words to express my gratitude to all of the Osteosarcoma families around the world who have trusted and supported me in this work. Singly there is little we can do, but together we can move mountains. We can and are changing the understanding of this disease. And because of that, one day we will also change outcomes.