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Because of Daniel

Our Mission

Because of Daniel is dedicated to supporting osteosarcoma research and clinical trials to give kids like Daniel a better chance at surviving this deadly disease.


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About POWR

POWR is the Patient/parent Osteosarcoma genome-Wide Registry, currently believed to be the largest database of genomic and medical history for osteosarcoma in the world.

Remembering Daniel

On August 28, 2016, Daniel Garcia-Beech died from osteosarcoma. He was 13 years old.

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In Memory of Cailin Cannella

On September 18, 2017 Cailin Capri Cannella died from osteosarcoma. She was 14 years old. "Her radiant smile and warm heart reminds us to live our lives as if each day is a blessing. She will be missed every day but she will live in our hearts forever.”

Basket Trial Update from Theresa Beech

"Although for many, this trial comes too late, the participation of so many osteosarcoma families in this registry has been absolutely critical to changing how osteosarcoma is thought of by the docs and researchers. Without everyone’s participation, my research would not be possible, and this trial would not be happening."


“We must choose to cure osteosarcoma not because it is easy,” she said, paraphrasing President John F. Kennedy, “but because it is difficult.”